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Hydrostatic Pump Bench Test

This hydrostatic pump set was sent into us by a customer in Griffith, off his skid steer. The fault was that they had lost charge pressure after the pump group had been removed to replace the failed drive coupling.

The hydrostatic drive worked fine before the coupling failure but after refit had lost hydraulic power to drive. They thought that maybe a rag had been left in a line on startup.

So before we put the put pump on our test bench we stripped it to ascertain that it wasn’t going to contaminate our test rig. Everything inside looked in reasonable condition, however the pump was not sent with the charge pump, which is supplied by the auxiliary pump in this situation.

So we reassembled the dual pumps and fitted up to our 22Kw test bench, using the Stauff digital PPC-PAD to monitor the performance and log graphs. Luckily for the customer both the pumps performed at acceptable levels, at between 92% to 95% efficiency.

We sent it back to the customer to sort out the charge pump issue, happy knowing that he is not up for a new hydrostatic transmission pump set.

Hydrostatic Pump Bench Test at Rapid Albury Wodonga