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Rapid Albury Wodonga distributor of HYDAC

HYDAC operates worldwide, offering an extensive product range to cover all areas of fluid technology.

The products range from components and sub-systems, through to complex controlled and regulated drive units for mobile and industrial machines and systems.

In addition, we offer our customers a comprehensive package of technical services within the framework of HYDAC Fluid Engineering, for media such as hydraulic oils, lubrication oils, cooling/cutting fluids and water.

HYDAC objectives are exclusively to increase machine and system availability and to reduce customers' operational costs

HYDAC has at its disposal a worldwide network of expertise, high quality standards and customer knowledge and is therefore best placed to fulfil the exacting demands of the international market.

The continuous expansion of HYDAC global presence with strong local focus enables HYDAC to respond to the needs of customers in almost every part of the world.


Pressure Filters, Return Line Filters and Suction Filters

  • Unique Patented Element Material & Designs
  • 1,000's of Models & Sizes Available For Every Application
  • Pressures from suction up to 1,200 Bar (120 Mpa) (17,400 psi)
  • Flows up to 10,000 lpm (2,600 gpm) *single unit, flows unlimited for multi unit
  • Mineral Oils, Synthetic Oils, Water Oil Emulsions & Most Exotic Fluids
  • Filtration for Offshore Oil & Gas applications


In Line, Off-Line and Transportable Systems

  • Particle Removal – Filtration of all particulate contamination
  • Water Removal – Both free water and absorbed water removal by Vacuum Dehydration
  • Gas Removal – Absorbed gas pollutants
  • Monitoring Systems – Condition monitoring for contamination and control


Mounting Systems, Clamps, Ball Valves, Level Gauges, Test Points, Quick-Release Couplings & Bell Housings

  • Din 3015 HYDAC single, double, light, heavy series clamps
  • Band & cylinder clamps
  • Two, Three & Four way ball valves
  • Function Blocks in carbon & stainless steel, threaded, flange & cartridge designs
  • Visual & Electronic level gauges
  • Test Points & Micro bore hose assemblies
  • Bell Housings & Quick Release Couplings


Sensors, Transducers, Software & Systems for Electronic Data Measurement

  • Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transducers
  • Testing & Monitoring Systems – Data Acquisition & Diagnostics
  • Software Development – Control and Feedback/Reporting
  • Condition Monitoring Equipment
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Automotive – Vehicle technology
  • ATEX Approvals


In Line, Off Line + Combi-Systems

  • Air / Oil Coolers Industrial, with Electric or Hydraulic Drives + Optional Transfer Pumps
  • Air / Oil Coolers Mobile, with DC or Hydraulic Drives
  • Water / Oil Coolers, Plate Type High Efficiency
  • Refrigerated System Coolers, high efficiency & precise set point cooling
  • Feed Pumps, Integrated Drive and External High Efficiency & Low Noise
  • Specialist System Cooler Packages, for Gear-Box and Wind Power Generation applications
  • Combi-Coolers, Integrated Oil, Water, Charge Air, Fuel & Transmission Fluid packages


Self Cleaning Back-Flushing Filters, Suction, Return Line, Pressure, Bag & Basket Filters

  • Special materials for Aggressive & Corrosive Liquids or Gasses
  • Pressures from suction up to 1,200 Bar (120 Mpa) (17,400 psi)
  • Liquid Flows up to 40,000 lpm (10,500 gpm) *single unit, flows unlimited for multi unit
  • Manual or Fully Automatic Back-Flushing Systems, both Pneumatic & Electrical
  • Intrinsically Safe Systems
  • Deselination, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Mining, Marine & Industrial applications


Bladder, Diaphragm & Piston Accumulators and Metal Bellows
World's Largest Range of: Accumulator Sizes, Types, Materials, Pressures, Certification & Accessories

  • Energy Storage, Pulsation Dampening, Shock Alleviation, & Chemical Service Types compatible with most chemicals & exotic fluids
  • Gas Charging Equipment & Systems
  • Stainless Steel & Composite fibre accumulators for Offshore Marine & Oil & Gas
  • AS1210 Certification
  • Accumulator accessories


Control Valves, Manifolds & Compact Systems

  • Valves - Cartridge Valves, Leak Free Directional & Proportional Valves, C-Top Solenoid Valves, Logic Valves, Isolation and Flow Control Valves
  • Manifolds – Standardised, Customer & Application Specific
  • Control Systems - Electronically Systems for Integration & Control
  • Complete Compact Power Units - for Industrial & Mobile Applications with AC & DC


Hydraulic Systems – Lubrication Systems – Control Systems & More

  • Industrial & Mobile Power Units
  • Pressurised Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Sub-Systems & System Components
  • Controlled Drive Units & Electronic Equipment For Mobile
  • Application Specific Designs & Solutions
  • Steel Industry – Power Generation – Mobile Hydraulics & many more


Optimisation Through Analysis & Improved Technology
Support with Service Centre & Training Centre

  • System Troubleshooting & Optimisation
  • Condition Monitoring including Service, Calibration, Lab Analysis & Support
  • Increase of Availability & Reduction of Downtime with Operational Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Life Cycle Cost - Analysis & Support