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Rapid Albury Wodonga distributor of Eaton Vickers

Vickers®, one of the most experienced and respected names in hydraulics, became part of Eaton in 1999. A comprehensive supplier of power and motion control components and systems, Vickers vane and piston pumps, valves, electro-hydraulic controls, cylinders and filtration products are found in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defense applications worldwide. Vickers also pioneered the industry's first fluid analysis service, a tradition proudly continued by the Eaton Fluid Analysis Laboratory.


Eaton offers the world's broadest range of standard and custom-engineered industrial cylinders to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including offshore drilling, steel mills, and machine tools.

Industrial Valves

Eaton's industrial valves and systems are engineered to provide continuous reliable performance under the most rigorous and demanding operating conditions.

Eaten Vickers Products at Rapid Albury Wodonga

Eaton industrial valves are at work all over the world delivering durable, reliable performance across the full spectrum of industrial applications.

Mobile Valves

Eaton mobile valves are engineered to meet the special needs of mobile equipment used in agriculture, construction, material handling, forestry, utilities, lawn and garden equipment and the full range of other mobile applications. Eaton mobile valves offer capabilities and configurations to meet the mobile industry's most demanding requirements.

Piston Motors

Eaton offers a complete line of bent axis and in-line piston motors with displacements from 11cc to 4100 cc (0.067 in3 to 250.2 in3)/rev and speeds to 5500 rpm at pressures to 413 bar (6000 psi). Eaton piston motors meet application needs ranging from the most demanding industrial environment to the smallest mobile machinery.

Piston Open Circuit - Industrial Pumps

Eaton offers a wide range of open circuit piston pumps with the flexibility needed to drive a broad range of fluid power systems in industrial markets.

Piston Open Circuit – Mobile Pumps

Eaton offers three lines of pumps to deliver the inherent power density, flexibility, and energy efficiency of this design to the greatest possible range of mobile, off-highway and marine applications.

Eaten Vickers Products at Rapid Albury Wodonga

Screw-in Cartridge Valves

Eaton is a global leader in the screw-in cartridge valve market. The a product line combines the experience and technical leadership of Vickers in solenoid valves and Integrated Hydraulics in counterbalance valves into a single source to support mobile solutions.

Servo Valves

Eaton two-stage, four-way, flapper nozzle servo valves provide closed loop control with exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity, and predictable force and torque regulation.

Vane Motors

Eaton fixed displacement vane motors offer compact, economical high power density solutions to the needs of industrial and mobile applications. They are available in a range of displacements to meet most requirements.

Vane Pumps

Eaton Vickers fixed displacement vane pumps combine high efficiency with low noise characteristics making them an excellent choice for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications.


Eaton has more than a 75-year history of dedication to helping engineers develop, operate and maintain filtration products, as well as cleanliness practices designed to support reliable, high quality power and motion control systems.